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Switched On Learning at Hawick High School
Mission Statement
We aim to place ICT at the core of the Hawick High School learning community, providing a range of technologies, and enhancing the capabilities and creativity required for transformative, lifelong learning in the classroom, across the school and in the community.

The Switched On Learning Vision

Pupils will:
  • Have access to ICT whenever and wherever it is beneficial to learning, both in and out of school. This will be achieved through a blended approach to the provision of ICT involving local authority, school and personally owned devices, ensuring equitable ‘1:1’ access for all.
  • Make effective use of online learning resources and tools (eg Edmodo and Glow) and a wide range of ICT applications to demonstrate and improve their learning across the whole curriculum.
  • Use online tools such as Edmodo, email and videoconferencing to communicate and collaborate with classmates, teachers and with the wider world where appropriate.
  • Develop safe and responsible attitudes and aptitudes relating to technology that will enable them to engage effectively in lifelong learning and the world of work.
  • Agree to a code of conduct for the use of ICT within the school.

Staff will:
  • Raise the achievement of all pupils through the development of ICT and the effective deployment of a range of stimulating and creative technologies for learning across the whole curriculum and age range.
  • Improve communication, effectively manage administration and contribute to school decision-making by using ICT with colleagues.
  • Use management information systems to effectively track, monitor and report on pupil progress.
  • Continue to improve their ICT capabilities through the school CPD programme.
  • Contribute to communication with parents and the wider community via the school website, Social Media, Edmodo and Glow.

Parents will:
  • Access information about the life and work of the school via the school website, Edmodo, Social Media and Glow.
  • Work in partnership with the school to support learning through the use of Edmodo, Glow and other online resources as appropriate.
  • Obtain information about their child’s progress through regular tracking and monitoring reports.

The Switched On Learning Group will:
  • Continue to develop the school’s ICT vision and ensure its effective implementation, with reference to local authority and national priorities, and in consultation with staff, pupils and parents.

2015/16 Action PLan